Mako News

Making plates in any newspaper needs to be fast and simple, and MAKO NEWS sets the winning pace. Its flexible format combined with fast, easy operation is ideally suited to deadline-driven publishing environments where dependable quality output is essential

Standard Features

  • Simple operation – just queue a single, paired or double-truck page, position the plate against the integrated edge-register pinbar. The MAKO NEWS will do the rest.

  • Over 78 Berliner plates per hour throughput at 1200 dpi without complex load/unload cycles.

  • Accommodates the most popular range of web widths up to a maximum format of 635mm x 960mm
    (25.0" x 37.8").

  • Ideal for all popular single-width newspaper presses from Berliner to the Goss Community.

  • To provide added flexibility, the optical configuration includes eight resolutions from 1016 to 2540 dpi and three anamorphic resolution sets (1016 x 2032 dpi, 1200 x 2400 dpi, and 1270 x 2540 dpi).

  • Small footprint allows ease of installation.

  • Open-ended software system accepts 1-bit TIFF file – choose the solutions you want. ECRM is here to help.

  • No hidden extras – our online conveyor is standard on all MAKO CTP, allowing for a direct connection to the processor at no extra cost.

  • Basic electricity requirements and quick installation— no dedicated power line needed (power conditioner supplied). Low energy consumption draws the same energy as a PC.

  • Simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy for everyone.