The Frontline is a one around, single width press rated at up 60,000 impressions per hour.

This H-type configuration tower is equipped with cylinder bearers on plate and blanket cylinders. Equipped with many time saving features the Frontline provides for short make ready and quick changeovers for maximum productivity.

Standard features

  • Maximum web width of 36” (914mm)

  • Cut off lengths: 21”, 21 ”, 22”, or 22 ” (533mm, 546mm, 560mm, or 578mm)

  • “H” style unit design with in-line cylinder geometry

  • Unit shaftless drive, one motor per “H” unit

  • 9 roller ink train with 2 form and 2 Rilsan coated oscillating rollers and swing down ink fountains with press speed following ink duct roller

  • Manu Color remote ink control system

  • Non-contact spray dampening system with press speed following

  • Slot gap tool-less plate lock-up

  • Ingoing and outgoing web severers

  • Built-in driven tower infeed

  • Outgoing inertia anti-wrap roller

  • Motorized circumferential, #10 and #13 side, and sidelay adjustment

  • Full bearer design, plate and blanket

  • Plate and blanket cylinders have automatically lubricated bearers

  • Worm and worm wheel blanket cylinder lock-up

  • Pneumatic controls

  • PLC controlled via touch screens

  • Three race bearings for plate and blanket cylinders

  • Automatic plate-up positioning