MDGM 440

The DGM 440 is a one around, single width press with a maximum rated speed of 45,000 impressions per hour.

Designed with a three ink form, three ink oscillator inker and oil lubrication on the operator and gear sides the DGM 440 is well equipped for high quality four color printing. Available in shafted, footprint shaftless, and unit shaftless configurations gives many possibilities for use in new press lines or as an add-on to a large variety presses.

Standard Features

  • Maximum web width: 35" or 36" (889mm or 914mm) (35" on 21", 21 1/2"; 22) (889mm on 533, 546 or 560mm) (914mm on 578mm)

  • Drop down ink fountain with calibrated lever keys

  • Spiral brush dampner with press speed tracking

  • Slot gap plate lock-up with center register pin

  • Plate cylinder undercuts of .014" (0.35mm), .008" (0.20mm), .0.12" 0.(0.30mm)

  • Blanket cylinder undrcuts of .081" (2.05mm)

  • Blanket cyclinder bearer rings

  • Reel rod blanket cylinder lock-up

  • Motorized speed tracking ink fountain roller

  • Motorized running circumferential register adjustment +/- .062" (1.57mm)

  • Motorized running sidelay register adjustment +/- .125" (3.17mm)

  • Motorized unit-to-unit register adjustment +/- .250" (6.35mm)

  • Pneumatic control of ink forms, water forms and impressions

  • Heavy duty belt drive system

  • Top iron with manual compensator

  • Non-contacting ultrasonic web break dectectors

  • Conforming safety guards

  • Full platformwith safety railingand stairways on 4-high arrangements

  • Flashing indicator lightsfor stop button, web break andlow oil pressure indication.

  • 20 gallon oil reservoir in base with electric pump

  • Oil lubrication drive and operator side cylinder bearings and oscillator bushings