MDGM 430 Max

The DGM 430 MAX is a one around, single width press with a maximum rated speed of 45,000 impressions per hour.

While its design roots lie with the standard DGM 430, many of its components are used directly from the DGM 440, giving the DGM 430 MAX a unique mix of performance, durability, and value. Also equipped with unique features for this class machine such as needle bearings on oscillating rollers the DGM 430 MAX was designed for ultimate performance.

Standard Features

  • Maximum web width of 35” or 36” (889mm or 914mm)

  • Cut off lengths available: 21”, 21 ”, 22” or 22” (533mm, 546mm, 560mmor 578mm)

  • Calibrated lever style keys and swing down ink fountains

  • Continuous dampener with variable speed water pick-up roller

  • Blanket cylinder bearer rings

  • Reel rod blanket cylinder lock-up

  • Slot gap plate lock-up with center register pin

  • Frames with extended rings for shorter plate cylinder journals

  • Hardened and splined ring and pinion and splined internal drive shaft

  • Augmented oscillator, journal diameters

  • Oscillator bearings are needle roller bearings on hardened inner races

  • Plate cylinder undercut of .008”, .012” or .014” (0.20mm, 0.30mm or 0.35mm)

  • On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder circumferential register of +/- .062”(1.57mm)

  • On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder sidelay register movement of +/- .125” (3.17mm)

  • Manual running unit-to-unit register adjustment for stack units of +/- .125” (3.17mm)

  • Blanket cylinder undercut of .081”(2.05mm)

  • Ink fountain roller with quick charge override

  • Centralized lubrication block

  • Raised base units

  • Top iron with manual compensator

  • Contact type web break detector

  • Conforming safety guards