MDGM 430

The DGM 430 is a one around, single width press with a maximum rated speedof 35,000 impressions per hour.

Compatible with over 35,000 units in use today the DGM 430 features an industry proven two ink form, two oscillator design. Available with a wide arrayof options it can be configured as a seamless drop in unit addition or as a complete press line.

Stanadard features

  • Maximum web width of 35” (889mm)

  • Cutoff lengths available: 21 ”, 22” or 22 ” (546mm, 560mm or 578mm)

  • Calibrated lever style keys and swing down ink fountains

  • Continuous dampener with variable speed water pick-up roller

  • Slot gap plate lock-up with center register pin

  • Plate cylinder undercut of .008”, .012” or .014” (0.20mm, 0.30mm or 0.35mm)

  • On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder circumferential register with calibrated movement of +/- .062” (1.57mm)

  • On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder sidelay register movement of +/- .125” (3.17mm)

  • Manual running unit-to-unit register adjustment for stack units of +/- .125” (3.17mm)

  • Blanket cylinder undercut of .081”(2.05mm)

  • Standard“T”-bar”blanket cylinder lock-up

  • Ink fountain roller with quick charge override

  • Centralized lubrication block

  • Heavy duty drive shaftwithThomas coupling

  • Top iron with manual compensator

  • Contact type web break detector

  • Conforming safety guards