MDGM 1035

The DGM 1035 is a 1:2 Jaw folder rated to handle up to 10 webs and has a maximum rated speed of 40,000 CPH.

The combination of being a jaw folder, and having a 1:2 cylinder layout, allows the DGM 1035 to create very accurate folds. It can be configured with options such as quarter folder, cross perforator, double parallel and many others for commercial book work. It can also be equipped with multiple formers or collect for producing high page count, multi-section newspapers.

Standard Features

  • Cut offs: 21 ” , 22” and 22 ” (546mm, 560mm, 578mm)

  • Maximum speed: 40,000 PPH - 1/2 and 1/4 fold

  • Maximum speed: 25,000 PPH- D/P

  • Minimum 1/2 web of 30lb. newsprint at 32,000 PPH maximum 10 webs of 30lb. Newsprint at 25,000 PPH

  • Delivery is fold first for 1/2 fold and D/P Closed head leading/spine to RTF side 1/4 fold Motorized conveyor - press speed tracking and adjustable shingle; all products deliver to a common conveyor

  • Web size: 1/2 and 1/4 fold a minimum 20” (508mm) full web or 10” (254mm) ribbon; 1/2 and 1/4 fold a maximum 36” (914mm); full web or 18” (457mm) ribbon

  • Lap Adjustment: Stop and move design Max. +/- .500” (12.7mm) by moving shims

  • Former section: 56 degree newspaper former, drilled for air, pneumatic trolleys and driven tabloid slitter

  • Pin cylinder: available in .250” (6.35mm) or .437” (11.09mm) pin hole to lead edge spacing, 12 pins across cylinder

  • Jaw cylinder: single piece 2 around cylinder; torsion bar jaw spring & double track cam followers riding on side by side plate cams. Cam timing is adjustable from front of folder

  • 1/4 folder: pecking type chopper assembly with tape transport system

  • Conforming safety guards