MDGM 1270

The DGM 1270 is a 2:3:4 Jaw folder rated to handle up to 14 webs and has a maximum rated speed of 70,000 CPH.

The DGM 1270 has all the same time saving features, all the available options, and the same robust design as the DGM 1240 folder plus many more features. With a high web capacity, a high rated speed, and automatic quick change-over functions, makes this folder suited to today’s high production demands.

Standard Features

  • Cut-offs: 21”, 21 ”, 22”, and 22 ” (533mm, 546mm, 560mm, 578mm)

  • Speed: maximum 70,000 PPH half fold straight, 35,000 PPH collect, 1/4 fold 40,000 PPH straight

  • Web size: minimum of 20” (508mm) maximum 36” (914mm)

  • Lap adjustment is on the run design; maximum +/- .75” (19.05mm)

  • Nipping section is three sets of nipping rollers; two cut-off size; one 1/2 cut-off size

  • Former section is 72 degree steep angle former with pneumatic trolleys and belt driven RTF

  • Pin / Folding cylinder is 3 around folding (12 standard newspaper impaling pins across width of the maximum web size with push button straight to collect changeover); on the run adjustable pin timing and retractable tucker blade assemblies

  • Jaw cylinder is steel & anodized aluminium, 4 around cylinder; 4 hollow jaw shafts with integral torsion bar springs, actuated by double row cam followers on side-by-side steel plate cams

  • Cutting cylinder is alloy steel 2 around riding in preloaded Timken bearings with urethane soft cheek with single piece knife blades in removable knife box

  • On the run 1/2 fold bucket phasing; 12 around buckets, 5 across width of maximum web

  • Servo driven shaftless 1/4 folder with on the run timing adjustment with pecking style chopper; 4 tape transports to adjustable headstop; push button 1/2 to 1/4 fold changeover

  • All gears oil lubricated

  • Provisions for up to three webs under the folder

  • Conforming safety guards

  • Oil filter blockage detection

  • Delivery is fold first